Creative product and solution development

We realize your projects and ideas


Acquiring the necessary information, and processing it to assist you in these first stages, we provide professional research, at a competitive price, to ensure a strong foundation for your project.


We help you develop your product or services, right from design to implementation. Together with you we search for the most elegant and affordable answer adhering to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


Our consultants can provide you with tailored support to assist or complement your workforce, resolve issues, and ensure a successful outcome. These endeavours can be project based or single instances.

Pagoni is a young and dynamic start-up from Leuven, the R&D heart of Belgium. We specialise in the development of technological products and solutions across platforms and industries, and always keep a keen eye out for the latest evolutions in the field. We don’t shy away from using new methods, procedures, or technologies, which places us on the cutting edge of contemporary invention and development.

We know that good solutions only come from paying special attention to our customer’s needs and wishes. Whether you are a multinational looking for fresh ideas, a small company in need of specialist advice, or an individual following a dream, we will provide the research, expertise, and final product - be it ready-made, or developed from scratch by our team - to make your project a complete success.

Breathe new life into your projects with Pagoni

What type of projects can Pagoni help me with?

Our dynamic and flexible team is currently available for small to medium sized projects in product design and development, web-based solutions, and general research and support. If you are in need of expert advice, or if you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us below.

What projects is Pagoni involved in?

We are currently involved in one large project in the field of environmental management, Biotope, and a few smaller projects in web-based solutions and workplace automation.

What can I do to support Pagoni?

Like any young company, we are on the lookout for dynamic new partners and investors, aiming to shape the future of innovation in their fields, and create a better quality of life for all. If you are interested, or simply curious, feel free to leave us a message below.

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